Tafeltennis Nijmegen


How to become a member

Whether you are a beginner or advanced player, occasionally want to hit a ball or want to train under the guidance of expert trainers: there is room for everyone from young to old at Table Tennis Nijmegen. And the great thing is: you can participate in a recreational sports training 4 times for free, without obligation! For more information, ask at the bar or contact ledenadministratie@tafeltennisnijmegen.nl

Some things to note:

In Nijmegen, the municipality wants everyone to be able to participate in society, including people with a low income. With the Participation scheme, the municipality gives people with a low income the opportunity to participate in culture, sports or education. The municipality makes available a maximum amount of € 150 per person for this. Table tennis Nijmegen is participating in this. See attached document for details regarding this arrangement. Participate in sport.docx

Membership in TN runs from January through December of a calendar year. The basic contribution is € 215 per year. This includes one training per week.

Sponsorship (non-playing member) is € 20 per year

Payment by direct debit is required with membership. The direct debits will be collected semi-annually (April and October).

At TN, the following surcharges apply to the basic contribution:

- Training allowance second training (per half year) € 35,- *

- Training allowance third training (per half year) € 70,- *

- Competition allowance youth NTTB (per half year) € 25,-

- Competition allowance seniors NTTB (per half year) € 25 **

- Competition allowance company competition (NBTF) (per year) € 12,-

* Players are invited to do so by the Technical Committee

** Competition playing seniors (NTTB) are required by the club to pick up old paper once or twice a year for the benefit of the club. If you do not want to participate in this, a surcharge of € 50 per six months applies.

Becoming a member is very easy: download the registration and collection form here, print it out and fill in the required information clearly and completely. Has everything been entered correctly? Then send the form to

Ledenadministratie Tafeltennis Nijmegen
Postbus 1317
6501 BH Nijmegen

Or put it in the mailbox in the bar. You can also hand it in to one of the trainers or board members. Or mail it to ledenadministratie@tafeltennisnijmegen.nl. That email address can also be used for other questions or comments.