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Whether you are a beginner or advanced, young or old, want to have the occasional knockabout or train fanatically under the supervision of expert trainers, there is something for everyone at Tafeltennis Nijmegen (Table Tennis Nijmegen or TN for short). And the best part is, you can come and play 4 times, or take part in 4 training sessions, free of charge!

To enable us to give you the best possible start:
- If you are a real beginner, please join us on Wednesday evening around 19.00 hrs. The training group led by Rene Derkse will gladly welcome you.

- If you have some experience already, for example because you’ve had training before, please join on Monday evening around 19.15 hrs. Paul van Laere is leading a training group open for (more or less) experienced players.

In both cases it is recommended to send an email to r.derkse@upcmail.nl or  paulvanlaere@upcmail.nl to notify them of your plans.

- If you’d like to join the 55+ training (those are during the daytime),please contact Martin van Summeren (06- 52301335).

The membership
The membership of TN runs from January to December of each calendar year. The basic subscription fee is € 246.40 per year.
TN also applies the following supplements on top of the basic subscription fee:
- Competition surcharge Youth NTTB (per half year) € 20.50
- Competition surcharge Senior NTTB (per half year) € 31
- Competition surcharge Work Competition (NBTF) (per year) € 13

A non-playing member who wants to make a voluntary donation to TN pays € 20 per year.

A few helpful facts
- The membership fee has to be paid via direct debit order. The direct debit orders are collected twice a year (in April and October).
- The General Members’ Meeting has decided that Senior competition players (NTTB) up to the age of 60 have to collect old paper for the club once or twice per year. If they do not want to collect old paper, they have to pay a supplement of € 50 per half year.
- All local councils in the Netherlands want to promote inclusive participation in society, including people with a low income. Every local council has a special scheme for this. In Nijmegen, it is called the "Meedoen-regeling” (the Participation Scheme). This scheme makes it possible for people with a low income to participate in cultural, sports, and educational activities. Nijmegen local council gives people who are eligible under the scheme a maximum of € 150 per year to pay for such activities. Table Tennis Nijmegen is also taking part in the scheme. For more information, go to the website of the local council where you live.
- Do you have any more questions about membership? Then send an e-mail to: ledenadministratie@tafeltennisnijmegen.nl

How do you become a member?
It is very easy to become a member: download the registration and direct debit form here, print it out, and fill in all the necessary information.

When you have filled in and signed the form, you can put it in the letterbox in the canteen, or send it by email to ledenadministratie@tafeltennisnijmegen.nl or by post to:

TN Member Services
Luciaweg 9
6523 NK Nijmegen